MEFTEX Launches Its New Website

New properties gained,
original ones retained

MEFTEX Launches Its New Website 22. 3. 2019

We are delighted to bring you the new website of MEFTEX, a metallised fabric brand produced using patented environmentally-friendly technology. Our brand delivers unique yet simple solutions and drives progress in sectors such as aviation, aerospace, and health and safety, as well as in our everyday lives.

We believe that the most effective solution to any problem must be straightforward and of meaning to our customers. We have strived to make our new website that way too. We have thus placed an emphasis on combining a clear layout with a modern web design so that our customers can quickly and easily find the information they need.

We hope we’ve been successful in this regard and we encourage you to share your opinions with us. Thank you.

We have faith that our new website will play host to a great many satisfied visitors and will attract many satisfied customers to the MEFTEX brand.