New properties gained,
original ones retained


MEFTEX metallised fabric achieves exceptional new technical parameters while preserving all the properties of the original material. Also retains its acquired exceptional qualities under sustained heavy stress.


MEFTEX is lightweight

MEFTEX metallised fabric is only as heavy as the weight of the base material plus the weight of the metal added during metallisation. This total wright barely exceeds the weight of the base material alone, making MEFTEX unique from this perspective and rendering it highly ecological in terms of the raw materials — particularly metals — used.


MEFTEX is breathable

The base material production method and the metallisation technology combine to create a highly breathable material. Each fibre is metallised in nano-layers, which does not impact the breathability of the base material.


MEFTEX is resistant

The unique technology used to produce the base material (non-woven PES fabric) ensures that this has an extraordinarily high tensile strength despite its lightweight properties. The material is far more resistant than other types of non-woven fabric.


MEFTEX shields against electromagnetic radiation

Another key property of MEFTEX metallised fabric is that it shields against electromagnetic radiation. With an electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of around 55 dB for frequencies of between 30 MHz and 20 GHz, MEFTEX reduces electromagnetic radiation intensity by at least 500,000 times.


MEFTEX reflects infrared radiation

The surface reflectance of MEFTEX metallised fabric, particularly its reflectance of infrared radiation, means that it can be used for a variety of technical procedures (e.g. heat-trace reduction and heat comfort). The level of its reflectivity is around 70%.


MEFTEX is conductive

The low surface resistance (up to 5 Ω) of MEFTEX metallised fabric enables it to conduct electricity and gives it significant antistatic properties. Depending on the volume of metal applied, surface resistance can even be brought below 1 Ω.


MEFTEX is antimicrobial

The surface finish provided to the metals used prevents living organisms from growing on the fabric’s surface, thus providing it with exceptional antimicrobial properties.


MEFTEX is anticorrosive

The surface finish of MEFTEX metallised fabric greatly reduces the possibility that the metal will be corroded by environmental factors. MEFTEX can therefore be tagged as anticorrosive.

Benefits Fabric metallization by means
of unique chemical method