MEFTEX at the mtex+ Trade Fair in Chemnitz

New properties gained,
original ones retained

MEFTEX at the mtex+ Trade Fair in Chemnitz 29. 5. 2018

On 29 and 30 May 2018 at the 7th International Trade Fair for Technical Textiles in Chemnitz, Germany, we introduced the wider community of experts to our newest innovation - MEFTEX metallised fabric.

The main themes of this year's fair were functionalised and intelligent textiles, textile finishing and coating, textile composites and recycling, digitalised production, method and process development, checking and certifying, and protection against plagiarism. The trade fair brought together textile industry experts with users from a wide variety of industries (in particular auto, rail, aviation, shipbuilding, health and engineering) as well as specialists in the areas of research and development and education.

Over the course of the trade fair, we held formal and informal meetings with representatives of several Czech, German, Italian and Spanish textiles companies engaged in textile sector innovation. They were particularly appreciative of MEFTEX’s unique environmentally-friendly technology that enables various metals to be chemically applied to the textile surface and highly valued its exceptional properties and wide range of applications.