Future Port Prague – Meftex touches the future

New properties gained,
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Future Port Prague – Meftex touches the future 27. 8. 2019

Future Port Prague 2019, the third edition of the largest futuristic conference and festival in Central Europe, will take place on 10-11 September of this year at the Prague Exhibition Grounds. Future Port opens its doors to all persons interested in the impact that the technologies of the future will have on our lives. The world is changing as we speak, and we can be part of this transformation! Meftex, our intelligent fabric of the future, is therefore not to be missed.

As with every year, Future Port Prague will consist of both a feature-packed festival showcasing the best in interactive technology and a conference that brings together Central European leaders of business, industry, education and politics. The demos and presentations at this year's conference will focus on the future of education, health, mobility, cities, security, e-commerce, food and the future of leadership and humanity in general. “Future Port Prague is a gathering of active people, companies and organisations that understand the rapid development of technology is an unstoppable phenomenon that opens up a range of brand new opportunities to help shape our global future from our small country. The greater accessibility to and lower prices of technology mean that, from right here in Prague or in Brno, you can now manage projects that used to be the domain of places like Silicon Valley,” said Martin Holečko, the festival’s leader and co-founder of Etnetera Group, which is organizing the event.

Come and experience the interactive tech showcase of the year amidst a vibrant festival atmosphere. Try your hand at the latest technological gadgets. Get inspired. Take part in a day of events that could change your life. Come visit our stand on the showground of the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association.